Language and other Chapters

How to start a DBpedia chapter?

We are looking for volunteers to support the creation of regional, language-specific and domain-specific chapters. At the moment DBpedia has around 15 language chapters, that are concerned with improving the extraction of data from language-specific Wikipedia versions. For example you can look at the Spanish DBpedia or the Dutch DBpedia.

In addition, we will support interested DBpedians to set up:

  • more language chapters
  • regional chapters, e.g. for cities or individual countries
  • domain chapters, e.g. for law, medicine, media and science

The Dutch Chapter has provided a Sample DBpedia Chapter Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to use as a template for further chapters.

If you like what our project does but are still new to DBpedia there is a paper that can help you started:

DBpedia Language Chapters with institutional support:

Language member Details

Dutch DBpedia





Network Institute 
Network Institute
Formed: 2016
Member orgs: 5
Countries: Netherlands, Belgium
Contact: Enno Meijers, Gertjan Felarski
Home Formed: 2016
Member orgs: 1
Countries: Greece
Contact: Charalambos Bratsas
Formed: 2016
Member orgs: 2
Countries: Poland
Contact: Agata Filipowska


Please find all DBpedia Language DBpedia here.