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Nucleus for the Web of Data

Within the W3C Linking Open Data (LOD) community effort, an increasing number of data providers have started to publish and interlink data on the Web according to Tim Berners-Lee’s Linked Data principles. The resulting Web of Data currently consists of several billion RDF triples and covers domains such as geographic information, people, companies, online communities, films, music, books and scientific publications. In addition to publishing and interlinking datasets, there is also ongoing work on Linked Data browsers, Linked Data crawlers, Web of Data search engines and other applications that consume Linked Data from the Web.

The DBpedia knowledge base is served as Linked Data on the Web. As DBpedia defines Linked Data URIs for millions of concepts, various data providers have started to set RDF links from their data sets to DBpedia, making DBpedia one of the central interlinking-hubs of the emerging Web of Data.

Wiki Contents

This Wiki provides information about the DBpedia community project:

  • Datasets gives an overview about the DBpedia knowledge base.

  • Ontology gives an overview about the DBpedia ontology.

  • Online Access describes how the data set can be accessed via a SPARQL endpoint and as Linked Data.

  • Downloads provides the DBpedia data sets for download.

  • Interlinking describes how the DBpedia data set is interlinked with various other datasets on the Web.

  • Use Cases lists different use cases for the DBpedia data set.

  • Extraction Framework describes the DBpedia information extraction framework.

  • Data Provision Architecture paints a picture of the software and protocols used to serve DBpedia on the Web.

  • Community explains how the DBpedia community collaborates and how people can contribute to the DBpedia effort.

  • DBpedia Mapping Wiki containing the mappings used by the DBpedia extraction.

  • DBpedia Internationalization Effort working towards providing multiple language-specific versions of DBpedia.

  • DBpedia-Live presents the new DBpedia-Live framework.

  • DBpedia Spotlight presents the DBpedia Spotlight tool for the semantic annotation of textual content.

  • Credits lists the people and institutions that have contributed to DBpedia so far.

  • Change Log lists the DBpedia releases and gives an overview about the changes for earch release.

  • Publications lists scientific papers as well as blog posts about DBpedia.


A Brief History - Who started it?

The project was started in 2007 by Sören Auer and Jens Lehmann from the University of Leipzig and Chris Bizer from FU Berlin along with support from OpenLink.

It was througout its history mostly maintained by the following organisations:


The first face-to-face meeting in Leipzig 2009

Some members of the DBpedia Team at a meeting in Leipzig (December 2009). From left to right:

Sören Auer, Sebastian Hellmann, Chris Bizer, Christopher Sahnwaldt, Jens Lehmann, Robert Isele, Claus Stadler