Thank you for considering a donation to support DBpedia via the non-profit DBpedia Association.

Read here, why DBpedia is so important and what we plan to do with the money.

Donate to DBpedia Association (processed by the Institut für Angewandte Informatik e.V.):

  • Paypal
    (2.2% of your donation goes to Paypal)
  • Bank transfer (no fee in Europe). Please contact us if you would like to transfer your donation via your bank account.  

Tax Deductibility

The DBpedia Association is currently situated in Leipzig, Germany and affiliated with the non-profit organisation Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI) e.V. Donations to the DBpedia Association are tax-exempt in Germany and the EU, similarly for the US and other countries. If you need a donor certificate contact us and send us your details (name of the organization/company, address).

What will we achieve with donations?

Continued support and innovation behind this most powerful public reference database. Every contribution you make adds to a pool of contributions from others that collectively validate the purpose and utility of this project. 


  • building a better DBpedia for its users
  • systematically develop DBpedia’s public data, software and services
  • continously merge community contributions into the core assets of DBpedia, i.e. ease barriers for upstream committing and connect with community members to integrate their solutions and extensions

Web Services (SPARQL & Lookup API) and Linked Data

  • increase availability and performance scalability of the SPARQL Query & Linked Data Deployment services, i.e. higher uptime and more concurrent users for our public web services around the world
  • host more data
  • implement new features, that are requested by the community

Extract, Transform, Load

  • adapt our extractors to match the changes and the growth in Wikipedias content
  • include more data sources to fuse into the DBpedia core data set
  • focus on data in Wikipedia that is harder to extract with good quality such as article text, tables, references, etc.
  • provide all extracted data for download as dumpfile

Data Quality

  • improve data quality assurance
  • our release manager provides fresh releases twice a year:  
  • we have implemented quality checks, which we are constantly improving
  • better documentation making the releases more business-ready, i.e. detect identifier changes


  • better publicity and exploitation (community events, booths, flyers, add use cases to projects)
  • community building, networking and coordination of community actions
  • support the Language Chapters of DBpedia to achieve better data quality from extraction of non-English Wikipedia versions
  • support for member and community issues, e.g. query and linked data service availability, bugs, travel grants, etc.

Thank you for supporting DBpedia! If you have any questions, please contact us.