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DBpedia is an open, free, and comprehensive knowledge base constantly improved and extended by a large global community.

  • DBpedia can be used to directly answer fact questions about a wide range of topics

  • Users exploit DBpedia as background knowledge for document ranking and natural language understanding, as well as data integration methods

  • Our data grows with Wikipedia and Wikidata

  • The extractors are updated frequently to build our 8.8 billion fact, large-scale, cross-domain knowledge graph

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Why is DBpedia important?

DBpedia provides a complementary service to Wikipedia by exposing knowledge (from 130 Wikimedia projects, in particular the English Wikipedia, Commons, Wikidata, and over 100 Wikipedia language editions) in a quality-controlled form compatible with tools covering ad-hoc structured data querying, business intelligence & analytics, entity extraction, natural language processing, reasoning & inference, machine learning services, and artificial intelligence in general. Data is published strictly in line with “Linked Data” principles using open standards (e.g., URIs, HTTP, HTML, RDF, and SPARQL) and open data licensing. For more information, check here.

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