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Feel free to contact the DBpedia Community via the following communication channels.

DBpedia Forum

Should you have any question, spotted an DBpedia related issue or want to share a DBpedia related information with the DBpedia community, feel free to post it at the DBpedia forum ( The forum is dedicated to address questions related to:

  • Data - anything concerning data quality, data on the databus, mappings, latest releases or the DBpedia ontology.
  • Services and application - DBpedia Spotlight, the SPARQL endpoint, DBpedia Lookup, DBpedia Live, etc.
  • Support questions - concerning DBpedia, Semantic Web or Linked Data.
  • News and Announcements such as calls for papers or suggestions for DBpedia projects (Google Summer of Code, European or national).

Note: in case your question does not fit to any other communication channel (e.g. github issue tracker or slack - see below), feel free to post it at the DBpedia Forum.  

DBpedia on Slack

You can find the DBpedia community also on Slack. It is used for real-time chat about your ongoing projects, DBpedia related announcements, and general DBpedia related discussions. Join the #general channel on the DBpedia Slack workspace by visiting

Github issue trackers

Should you have identified an issue with the DBpedia extraction framework or other DBpedia tech please post the issue at the relevant github issue tracker. The main issue trackers are:

Contribute and Improve DBpedia

Visit and learn how to contribute and improve DBpedia.

    DBpedia Newsletter & Blog

    Get the most important updates and results from the community discussion and association progress and events - Sign up here. The newsletters summarize the activity of a certain period. More frequently, we post things on our blog and there exists a Facebook site, a Facebook Group devoted to DBpedia and a #dbpedia Twitter channel.


    Contact us, the DBpedia Association, at dbpedia [at] in case:

    • you would like to become a member of the DBpedia Association (read more about the benefits here), 
    • have business inquiries, or
    • interested in collaboration (joint funding proposals).