timbr DBpedia SQL Platform

The timbr Knowledge Platform enables seamless integration of DBpedia (Wikipedia & Wikidata) into data warehouses and data lakes.
Use timbr to query DBpedia in SQL, no need to learn new languages and no need to change infrastructure. 
Available SaaS and on premise licences to enable DBpedia integration to enterprise data.



NLI-GO DBPedia demo

A small demo app for a generic natural language interaction library I am developing: NLI-GO. It allows you to ask a few questions in natural language (English). These questions are answered by DBPedia via Sparql queries.


Sparklis is a query builder in natural language that allows people to explore and query SPARQL endpoints with all the power of SPARQL and without any knowledge of SPARQL.


Bubble Navigator

The Bubble Navigator is a tool for visual navigation of semi-structured or semantic web data. Its main strength is the ability to visualize vast amount of data and to provide full-text search in the real-time.



LODmilla is a DBpedia visualization service. LODmilla aims at visualizing associations in LOD graphs with special linked data functions such as

  • searching and exploring the neighborhood of a resource node,
  • saving and sharing graph views,
  • doing minor edits on triples,
  • etc.




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