QA & Bug Tracking

To improve the DBpedia data quality we need your feedback.

  • Did any problems occur when you loaded the data sets? What were they?

  • Did you see any incorrect extractions in the data? What were they?

  • Did you notice any undetected units, currencies, etc?

  • Did any problems occur with list parsing? Where?

We try to extensively analyze the data sets, but also rely on the support of users and the community to establish a better extract-release cycle for the DBpedia data sets.

Please submit all known problems to the DBpedia bugtracker and include:

  • the data set in which you found the problem;

  • the triples concerned;

  • a description of the problem; and

  • how it should look (from your point of view)

We will try to come up with a solution, fix the extraction algorithms, and publish improved data sets as soon as possible. One useful tool for stress-testing the extraction process is the Random DBpedia Page.

If you are unsure whether the bug is real, you can also use our Question & Answer support system (Sign up required for posting).