DBpedia Wikidata

DBpedia is one of the first and most prominent nodes of the Linked Open Data cloud.
It provides structured data for more than 100 Wikipedia language editions as well as Wikimedia Commons, has a mature ontology and a stable and thorough Linked Data publishing lifecycle.
Wikidata, on the other hand, has recently emerged as a user curated source for structured information which is included in Wikipedia.
Enriching DBpedia with structured information from Wikidata provides added value for a number of usage scenarios.
With help of new DBpedia extractors, as well as DBpedia provenance extractors and additional post-processing & validation steps. With the current mapping status we managed to generate over 1 billion RDF triples.
In below table, some statistics provided from 03.30.2015 rdf output .

Title Triples Description
Provenance 17,771,394 PageIDs & revisions
Redirects 434,094 Explicit & transitive redirects
Aliases 4,922,617 Resource aliases with dbo:alias
Labels 61,668,295 Labels with rdfs:label
Descriptions 95,667,863 Descriptions with dbo:description
Sitelinks 41,543,058 dbpedia inter-language links
wikidata links 17,562,043 Links to original wikidata URIs
Mapped facts 90,882,327 Aggregated mapped facts
- Types 8,579,745 Direct types from the dbpedia ontology
- Transitive Types 48,932,447 Transitive types from the \dbpedia ontology
- Coordinates 6,415,120 Geo coordinates
- Images 1,519,368 Depictions using foaf:depiction & dbo:thumbnail
- mappings 22,270,694 wikidata statements with dbpedia ontology
- External links 3,164,953 sameAs links to external databases
Mapped facts (R) 138,936,782 Mapped statements reified (all)
Mapped facts (RQ) 626,648 Mapped qualifiers
Raw facts 59,458,835 Raw simple statements (not mapped)
Raw facts (R) 237,836,221 Raw statements reified
Raw facts (RQ) 1,161,294 Raw qualifiers
References 34,181,399 Reified statements references with dbo:reference
Mapping Errors 2,711,114 Facts from incorrect mappings
Ontology Errors 3,398 Facts excluded due to ontology inconsistencies

In above table, (R) stands for a reified dataset and (Q) for a qualifiers dataset.

In the future we plan to extend the mapping coverage as well as extend the language with new mapping functions and more advanced mapping definitions.